What Is Score A Program

The SCORE A Program is an educational program that uses the internet medium, as well as SMS application, developed for Malaysia primary and secondary students.

It was established in 1999 after undergoing an intensive research and development process for more than 3 years.

The three main parties involved in the program are the Malaysia modern academic syllabus, students, and finally the parents. Score A program is developed with particular emphasis to between students at Year 1 (approx. 7 years old) to Form 5 (17 years old), hence students facing the UPSR, PMR and SPM will benefit most.

The Malaysia Ministry of Education gives full endorsement towards the program, which is now being implemented in selected smart schools in Malaysia. The Score A differs itself from the normal, school educational methods through its output-based learning. An output-based learning refers to the immediate application of the knowledge and exposure from the input channeled to the students.

In another way, Score A program can be treated as an intensive drilling platform that allows the students to assess their capability using the information technology as its medium. So, apart from improving one’s academic understanding and result, the program also teaches the students to be well versed with distinguished applications of the internet and other growing technologies.

The parents who enroll their children for Score A program can get updated reports, review and progress through the convenience of short message service (SMS). Progress can also be monitored online where each student will be allocated an electronic report card that consolidates and streamlines the achievements from time to time.